• Fredrik Henning

    Fredrik Henning

    Visionary Business Developer and Advisor for new and innovative opportunities in the digital disruption and transformation.

  • Simone Rescio

    Simone Rescio

  • Wanatchapong Man

    Wanatchapong Man

  • Reginaldo Sousa

    Reginaldo Sousa

    I help solve business challenges using tech. Currently working as Tech Leader at lemoney.com

  • Viatcheslav Rogovoy

    Viatcheslav Rogovoy

  • Miriam OlssonJeffery

    Miriam OlssonJeffery

    Swedish biz and tech journalist covering Silicon Valley. Frequent writer at Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet and Internetworld (IDG Sweden).

  • Lara Fakhri

    Lara Fakhri

    Digital Growth Consultant/PO at King, supporting clients w/problem solving using digital concepts, tools &mechanics 2 drive results and transformative solutions

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