Having been fed up with UX tools not being fast enough, I decided to build Wrux.

  1. No tool is fast enough.
  2. It’s too easy to get caught up in design details, like the color or placement of a button, or if an element should be a reusable component or not.
  3. Copywriting is extremely important in UX. The right word in the right place can mean everything for usability and conversions.

Introducing Wrux

  1. App Zone
  2. User Zone
  3. Help Zone

Our list of bugs was growing. Something drastic had to be done. So we built a game.

“Let’s build a game!”

  • If a function has >10 lines of code, break out into multiple functions.
  • If a component has >10 functions, break out into multiple components.
  • If a module has >10 components, break out into multiple modules.

The Napkin Business Canvas

Tom Söderlund

I build tools for creativity 🧩. CEO of @Weld_io , a #nocode tool for marketers. Father of two. Feminist. Fan of espresso and movies. Still learning.

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